The Tandy Supercomputing Center provides supercomputing access, expertise, and education to students, faculty, and staff at its academic members. We not only collaborate directly with researchers to advance their research, but also promote educational opportunities wherever possible.


Since opening its doors, TSC has helped improve work from months to weeks and weeks to days at Tulsa Research Partners institutions in a dozen different disciplines, with new users and projects every week. By supporting research work, TSC has directly or indirectly facilitated nearly $4 million in grant funding for projects in the state of Oklahoma.


SUPERCOMP_TOP_TSC_OIIIn its first real world test by an academic researcher in 2013, Dr. Brek Wilkins of the Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences achieved nearly a 100-fold increase in the performance of his research software: from over five hours to less than five minutes for his work in predicting heart attacks. Since then, TSC has yielded similar results across dozens of disciplines at every member institution.


TSC is also driving educational opportunities, from introductions to computer concepts classes, to opportunities in manufacturing, computer science, arts, and biotechnology. We are also helping to support a new course at the University of Tulsa in which students learn to build, configure, and operate a supercomputer.