In response to the Step Up Tulsa! Economic Development Taskforce’s determinations, the Oklahoma Innovation Institute created several critical programs to substantially impact the economic development of our region. These core programs include the Tulsa Research Partners, Tandy Supercomputing Center, Tulsa Regional STEM Alliance, Best Thinking Forum, Entrepreneurship Center, and the upcoming Community Innovation Fund.


The cornerstone program of the OII, Tulsa Research Partners, represents , collaborative, multidisciplinary research partnership. The partnership was formed by the University of Tulsa, the University of Oklahoma-Tulsa, Oklahoma State University-Tulsa and Tulsa Community College. Tulsa Research Partners identifies opportunities for collaborative funding, grant writing and the transition of scientific research and technologies into commercially viable products and solutions.
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Tulsa Research Partners


The Tandy Supercomputing Center offers the nation’s first community supercomputer, providing access to academic, corporate, entrepreneurs and government entities needing high performance computational capabil­ities to support the development of innovative technological solutions. High performance computing increases the efficiency of research while decreasing the time it takes to transition products to market. The result is a competitive advantage in the development of new technologies and commercially viable products. TSC represents a key enabler for tackling the grand challenges in science, engineering and health, and as such fuels more competitive research proposals at larger levels of funding. The Tandy Community Supercomputer also acts as a powerful industry and talent recruitment tool and as an economic development engine for our region.
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Tandy Supercomputing Center


The Tulsa Regional STEM Alliance (TRSA) connects the dots around science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education in northeastern Oklahoma. TRSA is focused on providing broad, deep and innovative pathways for students to pursue high impact STEM careers. Much like its parent organization, TRSA is a neutral convener and facilitator of a collaborative alliance of over 80 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) related programs with a mission to share resources and to substantially impact the effective delivery of STEM education and programs throughout our region. At present, the delivery of STEM programs is highly fragmented, however TRSA is delivering the concept of enlightened self-interest in addition to the ability to stop duplication of efforts and start sharing resources across our community. As a backbone organization, TRSA serves the STEM ecosystem through its goals of collaboration, cultivation, communication and calculation.
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Tulsa Regional STEM Alliance


The Best Thinking Forum (BTF) is an Aspen Institute-like forum convening experts annually to share best thinking regarding specific issues critical not only to Tulsa, but also to its global neighbors – employment, demographics, education, health , civic engagement, community relations, healthy lifestyles, cultural opportunities and social services. The mission of the BTF is to serve as a community catalyst for open, inclusive and civil dialogue to promote deliberative thinking about the Tulsa region to create a better future.
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Best Thinking Forum


The Entrepreneurship Center focuses on leveraging existing entrepreneurial resources and filling identified gaps by providing education, training, promotion and networking to the entrepreneurial community. The Center’s full-spectrum objective is to develop “home grown” emerging growth companies and a business climate of innovation and entrepreneurial activity.
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The upcoming Community Innovation Fund (Fund) is part of OII’s phase 3 implementation plan and will be a private investment fund focused on providing early-stage growth capital for entrepreneurial opportunities generated not only at the Institute and the universities, but also from the region as a whole. The Oklahoma Innovation Institute will facilitate the creation of this $30 million fund which is designed to provide debt and equity related financing to entrepreneurial ventures and help close the capital gap that currently exists for emerging growth companies.
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Community Innovation Fund