The Entrepreneurship Center is part of OII’s phase 2 implementation plan and focuses on leveraging existing entrepreneurial resources and filling identified gaps by providing education, training, promotion and networking to the research and entrepreneurial communities, including entrepreneurs, investors and children. The Center’s objective is to support, retain and to build emerging growth companies in the Tulsa region and create and encourage a business climate of innovation and entrepreneurial activity.  The Center will offer best practice programs oriented to the entrepreneur and the investor along with mentoring and internship programs through OII relationships with colleges and universities’ entrepreneurial studies programs, as well as reaching out to technical training institutions across Oklahoma. All of these programs will be collaboratively driven with other like-minded service providers. Our mission is to eliminate silo driven agencies and ensure collaboration is the byword of the future.


Our first program to be introduced in our Entrepreneurship Center is BetaBlox, a successful accelerator and incubator that started in Kansas City, Missouri.  Through OII, BetaBlox has opened a second office in Tulsa, and will fill the identified gaps in entrepreneurial resources.  To find out more, please follow this link to the BetaBlox tab.