While other community organizations address many of the needs of Tulsa entrepreneurs, there is still a significant gap for early stage companies and entrepreneurs needing to receive specific, start-up focused entrepreneur-to-entrepreneur training and mentorship. With this in mind, OII has contracted and partnered with BetaBlox, a successful accelerator and incubator program based in Kansas City, Missouri, to open a second office in Tulsa.

BetaBlox has a proven methodology that can increase an entrepreneur’s likelihood of success by more than twice the national average. Ten entrepreneurs are chosen at a time and put through a program designed to accelerate a startup’s growth and increase its valuation. This is accomplished by providing a bundle of services including classes, mentors, one-on-one consultation, access to investors, and web design. Instead of charging for these services, BetaBlox secures a small piece of equity in the startup. This mutually aligns the BetaBlox team with that of the founding team to drive success.