Best Thinking Forum Event

Best Thinking Forum 2014: Reinvigorated Thinking for Our City and Region

IMG_3035Over the past decade, Tulsa has seen a tremendous amount of momentum in addressing the issues we face as a city and region – positive changes in health outcomes, reinvigorated partnerships to improve education outcomes, revitalized downtown, strong suburban communities and a growing commitment to tackling public concerns and needs through publicprivate partnerships.

As we look to the future, we must remain aware of the challenges that lie ahead. Of these, one of the most challenging is dramatic demographic shifts – both in ethnicity and age – that will reshape our populations and workforce, and have rippling effects as we work to continue progress.

The 2014 Best Thinking Forum presented by the Oklahoma Innovation Institute will hold true to the goal of encouraging thoughtful dialogue around community issues among regional leaders, allowing for a day of critical thinking on how the Tulsa region can understand demographic shifts, the impact these shifts have on our workforce, and the action we must take to develop, attract and retain the talent necessary to sustain longterm economic growth. Join us for a day of dialogue and best thinking as we plan for Tulsa’s future.

Best-Think-logoFriday, December 12, 2014, 8:00 am – 2:00 pm, Thomas K. McKeon Center for Creativity

Presenting Organizations: Oklahoma Innovation Institute, Tulsa Community College, Community Service Council
Partner Organizations: Tulsa Regional Chamber, Tulsa’s Young Professionals
Keynote Speaker: Carol Coletta, Knight Foundation for Informed & Engaged Communities
Other Speakers: Gerry Clancy, MD; Barry Davis; Thomas K. McKeon, Ed D; Denise Reid; Jeff Stava

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